Thursday, October 18, 2012

LIV Wines

It took a lot of talking to myself, a lot of coffee, a lot of ibuprofen, and a gorgeous sunrise to convince me to go back for more grape-picking today.  BUT, I AM a farmer's daughter, and the crop must be brought in!

The two-mile walk warmed me up well.  I even had to stop and remove my overcoat and stow it in my backpack.  I arrived only 15 minutes late, and several people came after me, so I didn't feel too bad.

I didn't bring my camera today because it was forecast to begin raining at noon.  It did hold off for over an hour past that, beginning just as the lunch break was called.  I had also brought a hooded raincoat, so I donned that and stayed until the very end today!

Row-mate Irene said she would give me a ride back to the Islander where the boat and Al awaited, so I didn't need to take vineyard owner Brent away from his pressing work -- ha ha, PRESSING work -- crushing the freshly picked grapes.  But before I left, he offered some wine for my time!  I took a bottle each of the two estate wines, and we had the Madeleine Angevine with dinner tonight.  I approve heartily!

Thank you Brent, staff, and friends.

Go to the website: and you can perhaps order some for yourself (it cannot be shipped everywhere).  I will have to try to get some of the vintage I helped pick, next year!

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