Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's in YOUR Beauty Basket?

This post is totally not boat related.  AND it's talking about cosmetics.  Well, that should weed out the audience for this post!

Every now and then I pick up one of those gossip magazines.  You know, just to keep up on fashion trends (I can't stand 'booties') and who's with who THIS week.  And did you see Jen's ring!?!  It looks like a doorknob!

Anyway, with the gossip comes LOTS of ads.  And I guess they worked, because I wanted to see what all this hype about 'BB Cream' was all about.  One product that does 4-8 things has to be convenient, right?  [Well, maybe this COULD be boat related....Al says anything on the boat must have more than one purpose.]

It took three drug stores to finally find one.  It was the Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream, in Light/Medium.  It is 2.5 ounces, on sale for $9.99. I did find one by Loreal also, but it was a tiny tube, for over $12, and being an economical girl, Garnier won.

I should tell you that for the past 7 years or so (?), I have used Arbonne skin care products, exclusively.  Technically, I am a consultant, but I don't pursue the sales, just give out samples now and then.  But being a consultant allows me to buy the products at a discount, and I will admit, they are QUITE expensive.  That's what all those orange items are about.  In fact, that's what Al calls it -- 'your orange'.  By the way, their night cream is fabulous!!!

So, back to the Garnier product.  I give it a thumbs up.  It is a bit thick going on, and Al notes 'your face is all shiny' before it absorbs, but it does moisturize all day.  There is enough color that I can put this on when I have a 'just hanging around the boat' day, and feel good.  And if I do want to add a bit of my mineral make-up on top of it, I just feather on a minimal amount to glam it up a little.  SPF 15.

It took WEEKS of looking in many stores to finally find a Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector in the Light/Medium Sheer Tint.  They were always sold  out.  Apparently, there are a LOT of pale-faced women in the Pacific Northwest!  I finally found ONE at the Rite-Aid in Anacortes, and I gave it a go.  SPF 30.  I'd say it was 'okay'.  It was a lot thinner, so a little more difficult controlling application, but it did blend easily.  Less shine, but my skin felt 'thirsty' by the end of the day.  Overall, a 'meh'.

I have seen a TV ad for an Oil of Olay product they are calling a 'CC' cream.  I found one product that MAY have been it, but nowhere did it say CC Cream.  It also was $25.  It stayed on the shelf.  Maybe I'll look again when I can be sure that's the product they are calling their CC Cream.

Anyway, there's my basket (my color items are in the silver bag to the left) and my two cents on a couple of new products.

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