Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Did It!

I'm feeling fairly proud of myself today.  I made my first real 'landing'!

One of my goals this summer was to become more proficient at close-quarter maneuvering, but to be honest, NO practice was done this summer.

We have anchored in the harbor at Roche Harbor for the past several days.  On Monday, when we took the boat to the dock to go have breakfast and mail Al's ballot, I was at the helm while the anchor was pulled, as normal.  When Al came back into the cabin, he asked if I just wanted to take it all the way to the dock.  No, not this time.

So today, when we again went to the dock, this time for cheeseburgers and to mail MY ballot, I had been thinking about taking Viking Star to the dock.  Al asked again, and this time I did not say no.

SEVERAL years ago, on the Columbia River, on a lonely long dock with no other boats (or people) around to observe, I had opportunity to do several touch-and-go's..  But this time, though admittedly in the off-season, we were still in a harbor with boats and people around.  Okay, there was ONE boat at the end of the dock that I was approaching.

And as Al says, if no-one yells, and no-one gets hurt, it was a successful landing.  Yay!  Success!