Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Autos of Lopez Island

We have been here what - 5 days - so in no way can we claim to have a 'feel' for the island that seems to struggle with a mixture of  identities: The obvious one being a Tourist economy vs. Traditional Island Life. Having said that, there is one thing which has surprised me: Some of the autos. In this short time I have seen a fair amount of what I call 'classic' autos. Now, these are not 'collector' cars, and though I have seen a couple of restored older autos, what I am now referring to are just old autos that look to be in original condition. Example: the 1967 short-bed F100 we ran across for sale, 32,000 miles. Looked to be original everything, paint, dust, etc. and even the original Colorado Farm plates in the window.   I have seen a Thing (Who remembers those - and I am talking about the 70's Thing, not the WW-II one). Several older pickups, a DeLorean, and even a Willy's Station Wagon!

Now what has struck me is: All these vehicles I am talking about appear to be original, not 'restored' in any way. All appear to be being used as Daily Drivers (as much as there is here). And what also surprises me: They are not all rusted out! Growing up cars at the Coast were given a few years expected life. But here that does not seem to be true. It is in some ways a kind of Cuba of the PNW!

Just fun to see such a concentration. And nope - not one VW Van!

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