Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This and That at Roche Harbor

One phone call down, and Al logged an hour and a half anyway, while I worked up an appetite for cheeseburgers and fries.  Having cruised the San Juan's with Jimmy Buffett fans,  we call it Cheeseburgers in Paradise!

The first photo I want to share today, I first saw the shape of a heart, then looked closer and saw a bear face, and look again....maybe two bear faces!  What do you see?  (There was no graffiti in this stall...)

After lunch we grabbed a couple of lattes (we were the only crazy people NOT ordering iced coffees) and took a stroll through the formal gardens in from of the resort.  I think these are called Dinnerplate Dahlias, since they were about that big!!!

This bee was busy!

Don't know what this is......maybe a Hydrangea?

Al found a cool place to enjoy his latte

And then I joined him!  I found my contacts and enjoyed wearing REAL sunglasses today, but  reading was REALLY difficult!

The former McMillan residence is now a restaurant.  The church just behind was built as a Methodist church, but is now  a Catholic chapel, the country's only 'privately owned'.

We might go ashore for the flag ceremony tonight.  It was a bit difficult to hear so far out into the harbor.  Last night we could hear snatches of the national anthems, US and Canada, and Taps, and then had NO difficulty hearing the horns blow.  Al kind of guffawed, yes, and I knew he was itching to blow our Buells! ( and you can click to honk them too)

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