Friday, August 5, 2011

Goodbye James

Well, a big fog bank rolled in just before sunset, so no hike on our last night.

The fog brought in many boats and campers, and we had a couple of boats raft again.  Today we counted through our memory, and it was FIVE boats total that rafted off during our three days at James Island.

BOY is Friday Harbor a busy place!  It was rather stressful listening to the constant radio traffic of boats requesting slips for the day or for a few hours.  And it became an adventure to make it to the dock ourselves.  We were lucky enough to get a direct tie to the dock, and two sailboats, from PORTLAND OR rafted off us (manadatory 3 deep here).  

We got lunch, checked out a bookstore with a coffee shop in back, and got groceries.  Back to the boat to fill the water tank, and in good timing, our rafted neighbors were able to move to slips for the night, and we were able to exit the harbor.  We crossed San Juan Channel to Fisherman's Bay on Lopez Island and plan to stay here for several days, even buying a speedy internet connection for our time here.  

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