Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This evening we returned to shore to attend the Colors ceremony at Roche Harbor Resort.

The Color Guard at attention, and the Announcer on the roof

Full service at the resort stops for the ceremony.  Guests line the rails of the hotel, dinghies  come alongside to watch.

A cannon salute is fired.  

Sunset at Roche Harbor

After the ceremony, Al and I walked the docks a bit.  There is a yacht broker off the main dock....

Nice boat!

Take a closer look at that price tag!

THAT'S where we are!

Heading back to the boat.  Love how the sunsets linger.....

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  1. Had to take a look at Ocean Alexander's site. Those V-10 MTU Diesels are impressive. The dark wood in the bar/lounge is impressive too. The 5.7M price tag? Two of these vessels should be enough, I think. That would be 6400 hp and 5000 gal of fuel. I am ready to buy. The US Mint can forward me a pallet of their freshly printed moolah. Here's my address...