Tuesday, August 2, 2011

James Island Hike

An example of what we have taken to calling 'Jesus Birds'.  In this view the wood is much more visible than it sometimes is, giving the impression that the birds are 'walking on water'....

The Sharon L.  Al chatted across the water with these folks last night.  It is a 1933 craft, and they were meeting  up with the previous owners, who had the boat for 61 years!  Beautiful.
And here is a link with more information on Sharon L.:  http://www.woodenboat.org/boats/Boat_Detail.aspx?processID=674

I entitle this photo 'Privacy'.  

The welcoming steps on the beach at James Island

Viking Star in the east cove

We have seen a lot of these black slugs, smaller than banana slugs

A blanket of moss

New Growth


  1. LOVELY!!! I love the "Jesus Birds" and the vessel that was meeting up with the previous owners! (BTW we have the SAME "Bandits" in our neighbourhood. Must be an organized crime group, I'll keep my eyes open and let you know!!)

  2. Beautiful island!! Thanks for your teaching moment for the bouys.. We not only follow you but are learning things too.. Thanks Kristi! Patti