Monday, August 29, 2011

Finishing School

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post called Flying School.  A flock of swallows visited Viking Star on a quiet sunny morning and you could tell that there were young birds and mature birds.

Last Friday on Blind Bay another flock of swallows visited.  All the birds had their bright adult plumage.  They chattered and groomed and seemed quite relaxed in the sunrise.  This time we called it 'Finishing School'.


Al says he figured out how they get so evenly's a wingspan!  Look on the lower left, they are even on the hoops of the anchor platform.

We had a lovely visit with Walt and Marty Crichlow from Brigadoon, the other of our Snake River cohorts, returning from a cruise to the Broughton Islands in Canada.  After breakfast on Friday we headed to Bellingham.  We had excellent calm conditions and made good time.  When we arrived and Al went to pay for the slip, the attendant said he was going to charge us the weekly rate rather than for 4 days, since it was cheaper!  Whoa, we can stay for a week?!  Yes!  So we asked about renting the car for the same period, and it was only $50 more!  Yay!  A couple of extra days to visit!  I put on my Facebook status 'When your life is like a vacation, what do you call it when you take a break from it?' And my daughter said 'Uh, going home!'  

Good answer.

Bellingham sunset, facing east.  I love how the church spire fits in among the masts.  And Mt. Baker peeks out on the right.

And facing west

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