Monday, August 8, 2011

Lopez Village, Fisherman Bay

Okay, Fisherman Bay may be a contender for a winter moorage for Viking Star.  There are SO MANY plusses, though there are a few minuses also.

We have learned that Lopez Island is nicknamed 'The Friendly Isle', and find it to be true!  Everyone waves.  You can't pass anyone on the sidewalk without a greeting. The people at Grace Episcopal made us feel at home.  We probably chatted with the museum docent for an hour!

We found a couple of good coffee places, a couple of bookstores, and a decent grocery store--so all the basics are covered.

We spoke with the manager at the Islander Resort and found out that we could get a slip for the winter months if we wished, at about $100/mo less than Friday Harbor, and that would include wi-fi, which we would have to pay for additionally at Friday Harbor.

The biggest drawback is the distance to everything.  A mile long walk from the resort to the village OR the mile long dinghy ride to the public access in town. Either could be quite cold, wet, and windy during winter months.  It is five miles to the ferry dock, though sea planes do take off right from the resort to transfer to Seattle's Lake Union.

Fisherman Bay is the runway for Kenmore Air

Friday Harbor is more urban, more expensive, and more hilly.  The cold and wet would be present there as well.  Distances would be shorter, and selection of restaurants would be greater, though we are not sure the coffee shops are any better.

We will have to do some thinking.

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