Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I don't know quite why I am so fascinated with seals on this trip.

Most people show this kind of excitement for the whales up here.  But we haven't seen any Orca yet. (We saw some Minke whales on the ocean out Greys Harbor)  And, whales are HUGE and kind of intimidating.  Seals are playful, and they have such big eyes and cute whiskers.

I have posted pictures of two baby seals resting on beaches.  I wish I could have captured a picture of the seal of Roche Harbor.  I am convinced it was the same one, and he came at about the same time each night we were there.  He liked sailboats.  Al thinks he liked crab pots.  I saw him pulling a buoy down.

Yesterday morning I watched a mother and pup rolling around in the rain. The pup liked to lay on his back.

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