Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aqua Agua

Al returned safely to the boat last night, with a phone call warning that it would be him coming onto the boat some time after 9 PM.  Thank you!  Heart attack averted.

We returned the rental car he took to Portland for his ex-mother-in-law's funeral first thing this morning, to avoid the charge of another day.  Then we boarded a bus, and took the route back to downtown Olympia.

We visited our favorite coffee shop here -- Batdorf and Bronson -- and spent a pleasant hour with ham-and-cheese or chocolate croissants, and lattes/coffee, and the Sunday paper.  Then returned to the boat.

We immediately noticed the change in color of the water!  It reminds me of glacial melt.  And we notice LOTS of small fish near the surface!  I don't know if the increased density has forced them to the surface for oxygen or what.

Flounder?  I thought it was 'organic material', but then it swam away!

Lots, and lots, and lots of little fish today!

Bob and June, from M/V John Forrest, who we met at Blake Island while we were hosting, stopped by to say Hi.  They made it as far north as Anacortes, and took the ferry to Friday Harbor, and will soon be putting their boat on a trailer back to Oregon.  It was great to see them!

Hey, our FBR's came by!  They are Ron and Cheryl, and they acknowledge that the water color IS strange today.  They told us that salmon have been seen in the bay, and we walked with them to the dam to see if we could spot any following nature, before we went to their boat, soon to be named 'Grace', for a tour and a visit.  We DID spot a large fish hanging around the ramp to the marina!  Thank you for the nice visit, Ron and Cheryl!

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