Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bird Party!!!!!

OR 'Views Through the Window'?

First, a photo Al took when he was up from about 2AM til 7AM.  It is his reward for being up at those hours.  I am glad he thought to capture it to share with me, and also with you!

Now, you know I love my birdies!  This morning when I woke, I could hear them twittering, and see their shadows flitting by the window, and I knew we were once again host to a bird party!  I believe this is the greatest number we have seen on the boat.  Another 'view through the window':

I love their many expressions and poses.  Several times, while shooting an inordinate amount of photos, I must exclaim 'They are just so cute!"  I love them long and sleek, or puffed up and chubby!  And their shiny black eyes seem so full of curiosity.

And now, as with most parties, it's time to clean up the aftermath...

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