Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cost to Cruise - August

August came and went so fast, too fast in my mind.  But even so we spent money.  We are still on the higher side of our 2-3K/mo goal, but still within it!   This month had two notable activities impact costs:

  • Travel (again) to Portland - Transportation, Moorage, and Dining Out reflect that.
  • Purchased bottom paint in preparation for hauling out - Maintenance.

Actives also impacted the number of hours we used the Hurricane Heater.  During our two weeks of hosting at Blake we had access to (free - that is part of the Hosting Gig) electricity - so we mostly used the electric water heater.  And that week we were away in Portland, we also did not use the Hurricane.  I think this lack of motion is also reflected in the low number of main motor hours.

We continue to not need to fire up the Generator as the Solar Panels are working great.  In fact, the 157Ah/day average is above the predicted results for August.  But then in August there was NO RAIN - a 1st ever recorded in this part of the world - well, Ever being "Ever" if one only looks back 121 years :-)

In September we can look forward to another trip to Portland - plus the hauling of Viking Star at the end of the month. Days are getting shorter so we can likely see hours starting to creak up on the Hurricane heater -  plus I am sure there will come a cross over point where the Solar Panels no longer cover our needs.  Modeling predicts September to be only 99Ah/day, while October is only 50.

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