Sunday, September 30, 2012

What a difference a year makes

And yes, I ran ALL DAY without shoes on!

Here we are, our last day in the South Sound and the last day of September.  This summer is ending in storybook fashion for those here in the PNW.  Tonight we picked up a mooring buoy off of Eagle Island, and true to it's name, have enjoyed the company of an Eagle.  As well as a Blue Heron, and 15+ seals.  It is a night that Cruising Brochures are made from.

Comparing this to a year ago.  The night of The Event.  Memories of which Kristi will to this day recall when asked “So, how do you like this life?”  (

Tomorrow we will pass through the Narrows and begin our trip back up to the San Juan Islands.  With stops at Blake to say Hi, and Keyport in hopes to secure dockage and tour the Navy Submarine museum.  The exact route we have not decided, but do plan on a stopover in Eagle Harbor, taking the Ferry over to visit Kristi’s Daughter who will be in Seattle for a Doula class.

Yes, this summer had been idea weather wise, mostly as I did not need to re-label the calendar with a Sharpie for Marchuary, Apuary, Mayaury, and heck even Juneuary as we did the last several years.  Let’s hope THIS trend continues.

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