Saturday, September 29, 2012

Washington Capitol Tour

On our last full day in Olympia, we decided to finally go tour the Capitol Building.  We have taken many pictures of it from Percival Landing, and now we got up close and personal.  My mother worked there once upon a time....I think in the 40's.  I actually asked if there might be some record of her employment, and was sent to archives, but they said there that it would be like the 'needle in a haystack' kind of search.  Oh well, I tried.

It was a beautiful fall day!  We walked the whole way, uphill.  AND down.

Here are the photos and the stories...

We approached from the northeast.  There are a lot of interesting trees on the campus -- I wish there were identification signs.

There is presently a beautification project underway.  The sandstone is being scrubbed/scraped , and then waterproofed.  I would NOT like this job.

The Washington State Vietnam War Memorial

The sundial.  It was about 10:30 a.m.

The south side.  The lighting was better for this one.

The view north, from in front of the Temple of Justice.  I did zoom in , and  WE could see Viking Star, but it isn't a great shot for anyone else to look at ...

These columns were carved IN PLACE!

The state seal, in bronze.

The Washington flag, as a banner.  The smaller flags are from counties....

San Juan County, our winter home!

The rotunda and chandelier.  They were asking for volunteers to change the lightbulbs.  The chandelier cannot be lowered.  It is 150 feet from the bronze seal to the very bottom of the chandelier.  When 30 percent of the bulbs are out, they build a scaffolding and change EVERY bulb.  It is done 'about' every 10 years.

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