Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fashion? On a Boat?

Just a warning to the guys:  This is a girlie rant.

This living on a boat is starting to cramp my style.  Now, I have never been a big follower of fashion, but a girl still likes to look good.

I have two drawers that hold my entire -- year around -- wardrobe.  I just recently unloaded everything and evaluated.  Half a re-usable shopping bag was filled to take to the re-sale store when we get to Friday Harbor.  That gives me just a little room to make some replacements.  Geez, most everything in there is YEARS old!  And the two pair of jeans I bought last fall are showing the wear.  The new Clarks clogs I got last fall are worn out.  Most of my sweaters were purchased while I was working -- is that three years ago now, or four?

What's holding me back?

Access to shopping, for one thing.  It's hard enough to find a real grocery store in our move-from-here-to-there life.  Malls are NEVER within walking distance!  And then there's the fact that my husband can find perfectly fitting jeans for $12.99 at Bi-Mart, making him absolutely abhorrant of my desire to buy the Not Your Daughter's Jeans I found at Macy's in Seattle for $120, no matter they fit me wonderfully.

I am looking for a replacement for those Clarks, too.  I visited two shoes stores here in Olympia's downtown.  I just couldn't see spending $200 for shoes clearly marked 'Made in China'.  I was much happier with the quality (real leather!) in the other store, but still the average price of the styles I liked was $200.

I suppose I could order some things online, but I won't be in a place to receive packages until November, or pick up mail at my daughter's house until December.

I think it's the feeling of the seasons turning that has me fussing about this.  In the summer, on a boat, everyone kind of expects you to wear shorts and tank tops -- they never go out of style.  But my sweaters are the oldest items in my wardrobe.  My dressiest pants are black jeans that are fading.

And my hair is another thing.  The grey is really getting thick!  I think the long, all-one-length, is the way to go for a boat style.  I have only had 5 haircuts since moving on the boat!  I often say I would like it better straight-er, or curly-er -- naturally.  My efforts to MAKE it curlier always go flat, within minutes, no matter the method used.  I guess I like straighter best anyway -- I think it is a little 'younger' look, even with the shine of the silver coming through.  It's just become a little -- boring, I guess.

I'm just frustrated.  Grrrr.

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