Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Gifts

Al is really having an easy time with the shopping this year, because I just keep buying things myself!

Maybe I'm just being easy on him, because the boat haul out got pushed back another day, to fall ON my birthday!  He's gonna be busy with things other than celebrating his wife's entrance into the world.

Both these guys called to me.  The glass seal I found in a gift shop in Bremerton.  The colors and spots are a very good representation of the harbor seals that generate our cries of 'SEAL!' when we see them.

And Felix called to me from the Wind Up Here toy store in Olympia.  He is so soft and cuddly, and my favorite -- a tuxedo kitty!

One more thing I'd really like .... a trip to the mall!  Hey, that will be achievable after all, since the boat will be on land for several days, and we will have a car to travel between Olympia and Harstine Island, where generous friends will be hosting us.

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