Saturday, September 22, 2012

Swinging the Viking Star

But first, a couple of 'catch up' photos:

Jellies, continued.  Egg Yolk Jelly

Our baited bucket.  Al chose cheese, I chose peanut butter.  It  remains undisturbed.

The 'Evidence'.  Too big for a mouse...

While at McMicken, every evening when we took our books and drinks to the back deck to  hang out and relax a bit before beginning dinner, one seagull (or two, or three) would join us, looking hopeful.  We don't encourage them, but we did enjoy their mostly quiet company.

A dreamy photo of a crescent moon setting through a pink haze.

Now we move on the the haul out of our home.  I have only been involved in this process once before -- July 2011 at Ilwaco.  Previously, she has been hauled every two years, but Al was anxious to see what the bottom and the zincs looked like after more than a year in salt water.

Clearing the water

'Flexing her mussels'

This photo was specifically to document the strap placement.  Al was quite pleased with Swantown Boatworks, with their four straps with sleeves.

In case you didn't catch it in the above photo, this is a Big  Effin' Machine!  The operator told us that Viking  Star tips the scales at 40.000 pounds!  That is with the water tank empty, and fuel at 50% or less.

Power washing the slime away

Driving across the yard.  She  DOES swing a bit when the Travelift stops!

Touch down!

Setting stilts, and safety-chaining them together

The sacrificial zincs have burned away a lot!  The ones on the shaft were completely gone.  We will most likely have a diver check and replace as needed nest year!

A close-up of the mussel and barnacle growth IN the exhaust pipe, AFTER a few scrapings over recent months!

While I celebrated my birthday with a successful shopping trip to the mall, Al repainted the boot stripe, moving the waterline up a bit more than we already moved it up last year ( yes, 40,000 is more than we expected, or maybe should have).  There was one small spot of rot in the hull, which he dug out and treated. 

Today he will epoxy that hole, and apply seam compound in one area, and perhaps do one coat of bottom paint.  And I will catch up on a huge mound of laundry!  Tomorrow, Michael arrives!  Another coat of bottom paint.  Monday, the jack stands will be moved, first thing in the morning, and the area that was behind them will be painted.  We have an appointment to be put back in the water at 4:15 Monday afternoon.  

Then back to McMicken to feed Michael the freshest oysters he's likely ever had!

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