Friday, September 7, 2012


Faceless Blog Reader, as fellow boater/blogger Hira calls them.

We had our first REAL one yesterday!  This is what we did to Hira last Fall.  And yesterday -- I am so sorry, he introduced himself, but I can't for the life of me remember what his name was -- came to the boat and said "We've followed your blog, and I had to come and say Hello!"

Unfortunately, Al was occupied with a work call, and our FBR had to get back to work himself, but I invited him to say HI on the blog sometime!  Our short conversation was very pleasant.  He and his wife have a new boat, and have essentially moved aboard while hoping to sell their house. And he said he hopes to come meet Al before we leave.  If you are reading -- stop by Sunday afternoon/evening, or maybe we could have coffee Monday morning?  I believe our email is on the profile page...

A quick update on our location and activities -- we pulled anchor in Oro Bay on Tuesday.  Another reason to love that place -- the chain came up clean!  I piloted the boat most of the way to Joemma State Park, and rarely saw another boat!  We arrived, figured out there were only two spots that could possibly accommodate us on the dock, due to the pole placement.  And after we got settled, found that we could not receive the Fox network there.  This will not do!  Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef were on that night -- the only two summer shows we have been following -- and I mistakenly thought it was finale night.

So, even though Al liked Joemma (plentiful blackberries played into that, I am sure), we moved on to Hope Island.

The weather was so fine, I wore swimsuits for two days and recharged my tan!  Shorts and a tank top were more appropriate for going to the city of Olympia, however.  Here is a picture shot while we filled the water tank, and sent to a friend's home-schooled kindergartener for a maps / social studies project, where she will look up where her friends and family live.

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