Monday, September 17, 2012

Rescue Mission

Last Thursday morning, we left our anchorage on Hope Island and headed up Pickering Passage for Jarrell Cove.  Just past the bridge to Harstine Island, we noticed a crab pot buoy.  Since the season closed on Labor Day, and this one was JUST peeking out of the low tide, we decided to pull it.

There was an address on the buoy, but no phone number.  We had hoped to call the owner on the spot and see what he wanted us to do.

It was stuck tight!  Al wound the line around our windlass and pulled s-l-o-w-l-y.

He felt it give, and soon brought up a sizable branch....was there a whole tree down there that had been holding on to it?

At this point we were drifting with the tide, so I returned to the helm station and took this shot through the window.  There were TWO crab pots on this line, and there WAS one lonely, hungry Red Rock crab in the square trap.  Al released him and rinsed the pots and the deck.  They still got pretty stinky in the sun.

Al 'googled' the address on the buoy and was able to find a phone number associated with it.  It was a business.  He left a message, and we hope to hear back from them -- perhaps today when they return to work?

Good deed for the day is done.

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