Sunday, September 30, 2012

Island Hopping

We left Olympia and have begun our slow migration north for the winter!  I know, opposite from many people, but we are not average bears, you know.

First stop:  McMicken Island

How fitting that our first weekend in the South Sound, we spent with fellow Cascadians, and that our last weekend in the South Sound was also shared with a Cascadian.  Skip and his boat Slow Flight joined us at anchor, and another Cascadian, Pam, could even spy on us from her house!  I am guessing Tami could not see around Wilson Point, however.

Skip made a fine wing-and-wing approach, totally under sail!

Skip was the judge at the South Sound Sail-In last June.  We hear that Judi has already been priming the judge for the next Sail-In, so here is our effort to rack up a few points ourselves!  Skip had glasses of his favored WHITE wine, AND dinner, complete with HOMEMADE butterscotch pudding!

Moonrise over McMicken Island

This morning Skip got a head start on us, since we are rather slow risers.  I had just poured coffee, and Al was still in the shower when Skip departed McMicken for Hope Island.  The wind is SO light today, that we caught up to him at Wilson Point on Harstene Island, and took a turn around him for more photos.

I like this one best -- centered in the sparkle path of the sun!

We had hoped to find an empty buoy at Eagle Island, and we did.  This is one of very few places we have NOT been to in the South Sound, and now we can cross it off that short list.  The other two spots are Peale Passage, and Totten Inlet.

We arrive at low tide, and even though we have 14 feet of water under us, it is so clear that we can see a giant starfish below.  There are MANY seals (we counted 15 once) hunting the reef just west of the island.  We have heard eagle cries numerous times, and finally saw one soaring over the water towards McNeil Island.

There is a rope swing on shore, though seeing the tree is it hanging from , we wonder at it's security!
We also wonder if the seat floats at high tide.....

We have seen herons in trees before, but I don't think I've ever seen one at the very top of one!

So we've hopped from McMicken to Eagle Island.  Tomorrow we plan to stop at Dockton on Vashon Island, and the following day re-visit Blake Island.  Then most likely a stop at Bainbridge Island?  Daughter Lindsay is taking some classes in Seattle the next two weekends, and we want to meet up with her.

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