Friday, June 8, 2012

Birds of Jarrell Cove

Here is a lovely chain of events!

Solar power generation => less need to run generator => QUIET => hear more birds!

And Jarrel Cove State Marine Park has a helpful bulletin:

Inside is a checklist and birding tips.

The other morning while slowly waking up, we enjoyed a concert by the purple martins, chattering of swallows, and eagle cries.  We had wondered what type of birds would occupy the houses on poles in the water, and that is how we discovered the flutey scales we heard were purple martins.

Last night we saw that the ravens don't mind the nails pounded into the tops of poles, put there to keep birds off.

And on a somewhat related topic, we enjoyed colorful eggs for breakfast this morning.  While at Longbranch last weekend, harbormaster Lynn brought us two dozen eggs from a man up the road who has chickens.  I have seen brown eggs before, but a few of these were the prettiest aqua, like huge robin's eggs.

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