Monday, June 4, 2012

Costs for May

Almost 1 year!  Next month will do a one-year review, and do some comparisons to other cruisers as well.  Have been peeking a little, and some is interesting.  Core questions like:  How can you afford to cruise in a POWER BOAT???   How can you afford to cruise in that really costly to maintain WOOD BOAT!!!!  As most cruisers tend to be in Mexico or such, is interesting to look at Food, Medical Costs, Communication, etc.   Stay tuned, and let’s all be prepared to put our Assumptions aside.

Back to May.  As predicted we had some large ticket items.  310 gallons of Fuel, and we did purchase those Solar panels – all told putting us over the $5,000 mark!  Awk!  Groceries continue to trend higher, and in talking with the checkout clerk in Anacortes – yes:  Groceries have seen a noticeable price rise over the past few months.  ($4 gas??) Personal reflects Kristi did some stocking up on all those Girly Creams she so loves.  I guess I have to admit I do as well – both for how one got rid of the rough spots on my elbows, and how they make Kristi happy and keep her nice and soft which makes me happy.  Medical contains not only the monthly insurance, but also yet another part of our “included” yearly Checkup that the medical insurance found a way to decline. Oh Well.

Will talk a bit about Fuel usage in another post -  looking back at overall energy usage for the past year and comparing it to a prior post on the like topic.  Communication again reflected a bit of the iDEN phone usage, this should slow down as we are now in the South Sound where Verizon coverage is more complete.

Not much more to really talk about, we seems to be stabilizing on most cost fronts.

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