Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Very Special Hour

Yesterday morning, I noticed an eagle sitting on a large rock alongside Viking Star, on the spit exposed by low tide.  At nearly the same moment, I saw a dog and his family ambling towards the eagle.  QUICK!  Grab the camera!  But this is the ONLY shot I got off. I was disappointed.

This morning, Al got out of bed before me, made coffee, and brought me a cup.  But when he returned to the main cabin he said, "Your eagle is back!"  He took several shots, of which this is my favorite:

Then Al relinquished the camera, and I spent a most wonderful hour watching this beautiful bird.

Once, it appeared he was gazing at his reflection!

But, he was grazing for breakfast!  Got it!

It's a running joke that I have pictures of a lot of butts, especially bird butts.  But I love this one!

A raven even came to peer over his shoulder.  See how far the water has fallen?  This hour has passed so quickly.

And it all happened, right outside my door!


  1. Wow! That is a fantastic sight to start the day with.

  2. there sure are alot of eagles in the San Juans. Great pictures too.

  3. Any eagle sighting gives my heart pause.