Monday, June 4, 2012


There HAD to have been a reason Al miscounted and paid for three nights of moorage at Longbranch insead of two.  Saturday evening we got the answer with a text from friends who were in Washington for a wedding and checking the possibility of 'stopping by' for a visit on their way home!

All worked out, and good friends Dave and Patti Rose arrived with fresh cherries and a fabulous bottle of wine to share (Red Decadence, made with a dark chocolate flavoring, YUM!).

We had a good visit for a couple of hours, and even commented how, if not for the clouds, we would have a direct view of Mt. Rainier.  A couple of hours later, the clouds lifted JUST enough to show the mountain at sunset.

Dave and Patti promise to return again, and to stay longer.  They are adventurous types who can be flexible to our 'unplanned' and changeable locations.  It was so nice to have friends 'stop by'!!

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