Thursday, June 7, 2012

Solar in the Rain, Clearances, Wiggling, and a Jeff Foxworthy reference.

Will the Sun ever go away?  I have been trying to manually capture the performance of our new Solar Panels on a cloudy day – and despite a few good starts it seems no matter what - we can NOT get a fully-cloudy day!  Oh Well, guess will just have to wait until I dig out that USB -to- RS-232 adapter from the Starboard V-Berth and enable the controllers data logging capability.  Until then will just pass on:  We have been stationary for 3 days now and the Link-10 shows we are down 236 Ah.  Based on that will say that the panels have been providing about 2/3 of our energy needs during these ‘Cloudy’ days.

As we are stationary for a while, I took the opportunity to check and adjust the valve clearance on our Cummins.  It really is not that hard – all those years growing up with Motorcycles gave me lots of practice.  Kristi was busy with photos, and before you ask – never mind what is behind the Duck. . . .

Moving on, - here is our 1st attempt at Video postings.  These Girls came aboard as part of last weekends festivities and have been busy wiggling away ever since.  One really needs to see the motion, as photos do not cut it.

And finally, Viking Star is 50 years old.  Built back when Weather Stripping was not really a concern.  Besides with that extra hot Dickinson having lots of cool air is a plus!  Now, question for  you:  If we live in a place where we use Blue Tape for Weather stripping, might we be considered a Red Neck?  (Or, do we need to use Camo Duct-tape instead???)

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