Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hope Island

We spent three days on the mooring buoy, riding the wind-generated waves, while I completed a work project.  Yesterday, things aligned when I wrapped up the project and the sun came out!  In our rush to FINALLY get off the boat, we didn't bring the camera!  And while hiking, Al say's 'there's a deer not twenty feet from you."  So I immediately stopped, and it took me a couple beats to find him, but there he was staring back at me, not startling at all, even when I said "Hi, Little Boy" to him (he had a couple of nubbins on his head).

We have been communicating with our friend and fellow boater/blogger, Hira.  The South Sound are her home grounds.  We had hoped to meet up with her while she did a recent tour of Peter Puget's exploration of the South Sound, but we ended up on a surprise visit to Portland instead.  Yesterday Hira emailed to find out our location, and came down on the flood tide.  We were sitting on the island and watching a boat coming and Al spoke exactly what I had been thinking:  Could that be Hira?!  We had a good evening sharing steaks and conversation.

(check Hira's blog at: )

As Hira, Shatoosh and Pashmina 2 left this morning, we took photos of each other.
After morning chores and a facebook hit, we packed up some snacks and went back to the island.  No deer posed for us today.  

It doesn't show in the photo, but we had a view of Mt. Rainier.

The picnic table didn't have a backrest....


  1. A great time at Hope Island, company, good food and grog. Lt. Peter Puget

  2. Al, it was good to see you and your kids again. Wish you could have been there Kristy, but I understand you wanting to spend as much time as possible with your kids and grandchildren.