Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cascadia Sailing Association's South Sound Sail-In 1012

This is a FUN group of people!  Usually I tend to be a bit shy in groups, or in new situations, but this group won't LET you be shy.  And a few glasses of wine helps too...

Boats arriving to the Sail-In are greeted (harassed?) by all who have already arrived.  Each boat was to radio in and announce their arrival, retrieve an item from a crab pot in the bay, then dock without assistance -- being judged at all times!

Conch shell, whistles, horns and heckling was greatly encouraged to distract during the docking process.  Even Mo added his voice to the din!

Much socializing and boat visiting was done, but the big event was the pot-luck luau Saturday evening.  Here are Al and I arriving with the solar-powered hula girls each person received at check-in.  How fortunate that they coordinated with our outfits!

Viking Star won the prize for arrival and docking!  (The judge welcomed bribes, and it helps to pay attention when he says he prefers WHITE wine.  Also, he appreciated the little sarong skirt I wore for arrival.)

Tami AKA 'Natural Ukelele Talent or N.U.T. led a sing-along.  It was great to see the almost universal participation in this group.

There was a hula performance, complete with rehearsal earlier in the afternoon.  At least one person from each boat was required to participate.  Carolyn on the left was declared the winner, but Jim and Steve did their best to steal the show!

Nana Elizabeth does the ama ama hand motions with granddaughter Autum.

Pamela presides the festivities with the conch shell she caught, cooked, ate, and drilled for a horn herself.

Skip was the docking judge, and just for this weekend, the brother of Pamela (a ruse that we fell for hook, line, and sinker).

Thank you, Cascadians, for a wonderful weekend!  And for lots of advice for travelling the South Sound the next couple of months!

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