Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On the Mud

Yesterday was the lowest tide of the year.  And for 45 minutes to an hour, Viking Star settled on the mud.  We knew almost immediately.  It was a weird sensation to us to have a wind gust, and the boat remain stationary.

The ramp is nearly a ladder!

Al poled the water, and it is confirmed -- we draw 4' 6" before we touch bottom

The closest this ramp gets to vertical!  It felt a bit like rock climbing, using hand-over-hand on one rail to pull myself up, and let myself down!

Lots of mud all around

There IS another park dock around the corner, and this morning a sailboat that had been there left.  We have moved around and should keep floating today!

Last night we got a nice break from the boat when fellow Cascadians Pamela and Cliff invited us to their home for dinner.  They live on the Key Peninsula, and drove around to Jarrell Cove to pick us up, and Skip from Slow Flight.  A trip to the grocery store was much appreciated!  

(A stop at the liquor store gave us a shock!  WOW! The last bottle of Jameson we bought was $54.95 in Friday Harbor.  Shelf price yesterday was $70.  And when we got to the checkout, we were told that doesn't include tax, OR the liter tax, OR the sales tax......totaled up would make it nearly $100!!!  We abandoned our purchase, and we will be stocking up in Oregon!  Sorry Washington, we did NOT vote for this initiative.)

To end on a much more pleasant note:  here are a couple of views from Pam and Cliff's home, overlooking the Case Inlet.

From the living room, toward Jarrell Cove on Pickering Passage

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