Thursday, September 19, 2013

All Nations Canoe Gathering

On Tuesday we had the privilege of front row seats for the All Nations Canoe Gathering.  This event launched a week-long event by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  We learned a bit more about the residential schools that many of Canada's First Nation children were sent to -- even a friend of ours.  We had heard a news story earlier in the year about starvation and medical experiments being done on the children, and I remarked to Al that it sounded 'Hilter-esque', with concentration camp conditions.

This solemn ceremony welcomed elders and representatives from many local peoples, and others from all across Canada.

The first wave arrives

They approach the dignitaries and crowd at the waterfront, on what was traditional Coast Salish land.

At first we thought there were only five boats, and though they were very beautiful, we were a bit disappointed there weren't more.  THEN the second wave arrived!

A few boats arrived singing

Rafted up to await their entrance

A local newspaper the next day

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