Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Difference 'A Little Rain' Can Make

The first evening we were at Chatterbox Falls, I shot this video and thought how cool it would to be out there in that boat.  We had discussed as we entered the inlet whether we should try to get a spot on the dock, or look for a place to anchor.  We knew it was possible to anchor AT the falls, and the flow of water would keep us oriented away from the falls.  But there was room on the dock, and there was a boat already at anchor at the falls, so we took the dock.

On the second day, we WERE the boat out there.  But it rained all day, so we just stayed on the boat soaking up the atmosphere.

Then we were woken at midnight by wind, lightening, and thunder!  Al nervously scanned the shoreline with the searchlight because the wind was overpowering the current and turning us sideways to the falls.  It was just a quick squall, though, and we were able to get back to sleep.

In the morning, the rain let up so we could take a dinghy tour.  I was so excited to go shoot another video, this time with Viking Star at the end!  But first, Al had to pump about 4 inches of water from the dinghy.

We first moved toward the falls for a 'selfie' and a couple of individual photos, which you saw on the previous post.  Then we went to shore.  The mist kept me from getting to the very same spot.  I got as close as I was comfortable, with a non-waterproof camera.  And here it is:

Could you see Viking Star??!!  She's there, VERY faintly through the mist.  Look carefully.

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