Monday, September 2, 2013

Cost to Cruise - August 2013

Kristi and I are back from almost a week hanging out in Princess Louisa Inlet, and with that comes access to Internet again, so expect a TON of post to be coming out..  An easy one is Costs, so here it is:

Viking Star Costs summary as of August 2013

Highlights include:  Paying for garbage disposal noted in Misc, and BTW:  VERY happy these resources are available for us to us - when they are..  I feel soo much better paying a reasonable fee, then being one of those 'sneak ashore' folks. . . .

Since entering Canada, Kristi and I have noticed a ping-pong on Groceries each other month being $500 vs. $1,000.  August continues that and we THINK it is associated with major restocking of meats and liquor.

Solar was off a bit, perhaps accounting for the higher generator hours vs. last August?  (That and that we are also using the Water-maker this summer).  Modeled predicted 142Ah/day in August, and we only got 125Ah this year (vs. 157Ah/day in August of 2012).  This is the largest under performance to date vs. the modeled expectation.

Not much more to say,  we just dropped anchor in 100' of water - 1st time this deep and we used all our 400' of rode.  But we are waiting for the tide to be right at Sechelt Rapids tomorrow - look them up, these are not ones to play with.

Note: Table updated Sept 4, 2013 - adding in credit card charges in Communications, and credit in Personal!

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