Saturday, September 7, 2013


In an effort to become more current on the blog, here are photos from our pass through Skookumchuck Narrows and the Sechelt (pronounced SEE-shelt) Rapids last Tuesday.

I usually get quite anxious going through any area that is 'notorious' for the first time.  Add to this, there was a tug and gravel barge doing circles on Jervis Inlet, and we were not certain what his plans were, and he did not answer calls on three different VHF channels.

But we must have had the timing right, because he, we, and three sailboats milling around at Egmont all made moves toward the rapids simultaneously.  Turns out the barge was NOT going through the rapids, but heading for the operation just above the rapids.

Boom Islet is ahead.  Sailing Directions say the best way is to the right of it.  The main channel is to the left, and this is the area where the most whirlpools develope.  Yeah, let's avoid that.

The sailboats fall in behind us.

It's official now!

Lunch break at slack tide.  Kayakers come to surf the Sechelt Rapids. 

Through without incident, and Sechelt Inlet opens up!

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