Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My! How You've Grown!

Our first full day in Princess Louisa Inlet was spent at anchor in front of Chatterbox Falls.  It rained aaalllllllll day.  Clouds and fog came and went, and all the falls grew.

Chatterbox began to ROAR!  And strangely, I kept thinking I heard music.  Slow, deep orchestra music.  When it would have been impossible to hear ANYthing from any other boat, so far away, when we were so close to a roaring waterfall.  It was a very 'other-worldly' -- heavenly -- experience for me.

Waterfalls we didn't notice the day before pop out all over the bowl of Princess Louisa.

The ONE spot of blue sky we saw all day.

The next day, the rain has stopped, or taken a break, and we set out in the dinghy for a tour and photo ops.

'Chatterbox' is ROARING!  She is twice as wide as the day before, and is throwing mist in billows.

We feel closer to the falls than it appears in the photos.

My 'wild woman' hairdo.  Directions for this look?  Wash and go, out into high humidity and mist, with a light breeze to fluff it even more.

A falls across the inlet, with a matching slide area adjacent.

Close-up of the lower portion.

See that tiny white dot?  That's Viking Star from the falls in the above picture.  Just to give some perspective.  The granite walls of Princess Louise rise 7000 feet above the water, and 1000 feet BELOW the water.

Viking Star at anchor before Chatterbox Falls.

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