Monday, September 2, 2013

Jervis Inlet and Princess Louisa

This will be the first of several posts -- I am sure -- to fit in all the wonder we saw and experienced at Princess Louisa Inlet over the past 5 days.  I'll follow my standard format when I have LOTS of photos to show:  photos with captions to tell the story.

We started out on Wed. August 28 from Green Bay, a small finger off Agamemnon Channel on the lower left (just to the right of the 'D' in 'Nelson Island'), 35 miles up Jervis Inlet, ending at Chatterbox Falls on the upper right.

Everything is big on Jervis Inlet -- tall steep mountains, deep water, and waves and tide slow us more than we anticipated.  Al 'whips the squirrels' to make sure we arrive at Malibu Rapids at a decent time to run through.

The Young Life camp at Malibu Rapids.  Wow.  WE want to come to camp here!!!

The 'rapids' are quite calm, thank you.  We are the last boat through for the evening.

Our first look into Princess Louisa Inlet -- it is still 4 miles to the falls.

JUST before we can see the dock and falls ....

Back the way we've come.

The view from the bow of the boat for our first evening.  'Daisy' was manning the radio and informed us of available space.  Al loves sailboats -- they are easier to see through than big powerboats!

From the head of the dock, Viking Star is the last boat on the left.

The Tolly bench and its view -- excellent!

Self explanatory

Early settler of the inlet, James MacDonald, donated his claim to Northwest boaters.  

Jointly administered by Americans and Canadians, the Princess Louisa International Foundation preserves and protects this premier boating destination.

The next morning we woke to a nearly empty dock!  

Fog highlights trees clinging to the nearly vertical rise of granite.

Back towards the entrance to the inlet.  The rise on the right is where the trees in the previous photo are.

The boat that was anchored in front of the falls has also left, so we move in.  What a privilege to have a front row seat!  We spend the day with our doors cracked open to hear the rumble of the water, as the rain falls, and more and MORE falls grow from threads to ribbons, necklaced by wispy clouds.


  1. Wow Wow Wow.. this is gorgeous!!! Reminds me of Alaska. What a treat to find this gem. Patti

  2. Al and Kristi
    These are spectacular. I am so happy you went and shared your experience. Thank you so much.
    I have moved to the Foss Harbor Marina in Tacoma. I'm now only about 9 miles from my condo. My shortest commute.