Friday, September 13, 2013

One Job I Would NOT Like!

This series of photos was taken on Wednesday, September 11 as we motored down Agamemnon Channel.

OK.  This frightened me at first.  I thought the helicopter was stuck in the power lines!  Then  I saw a man dangling below!

The photo does a good job of  'freezing' the rotors, but my eyes do say they are turning. 

There IS a safety boat on the water (on the left edge of the photo), just in case!

And back up.  I don't know if he had to fetch more of the balls to install, or what, but they went back at it.

A second helicopter!  

Does this guy call this a 'sit down' job???

You MUST admire the pilot skill.  Wow.  Watch out for the wires and don't swing your guy.  Tough jobs on both ends!

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