Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birthday 52

Yesterday I 'caught up' to Al.  We were both born in the same year but nine months apart, so for only three months every year we are the 'same age'.

We don't usually celebrate anything BIG.  The day started with the usual kiss, but with a cheery 'Happy Birthday!' along with it.  And as with most Americans, we celebrate occasions with food.  My request to honor my birthday was to get coffee and the peach tart I had skipped on a previous visit to Terra Breads.

There were even fresh flowers on the table.

Mmmmmm, peaches.

Being frugal cruisers, we don't go out for dinner very often.  I decided I just wanted a good steak done on OUR grill, with a good bottle of wine.  We hoped to find a bottle of Burrowing Owl merlot, the best BC wine we had tried, thanks to Canadian facebook friends Deneen and Evan.  However, this wine is NOT carried by the government liquor stores.  We had high hopes of finding it at the best-stocked independent we had found -- Legacy Liquor -- but the buyer told us she only gets Burrowing Owl shipments 4 times a year, and the next one wasn't expected for another week yet.  (We hope to be across the Strait again by then.)  So, Smoking Loon it is.

Al does the steaks to perfection!

And we fight the fruit flies for the wine.  We have been battling them inside the cabin for some time, but even OUTDOORS in a BREEZE we were finding tasters and swimmers.  We look forward to cooler weather to zap the fruit flies and mosquitoes.

Sweets at both ends of the day!  I don't think we would be able to find this flavor in the US.

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