Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are You Tired of Princess Louisa Yet?

A few more pictures then.  Still not done with the five days of lusciousness we spent there.

We would walk to the falls more than once every day we were at the dock.  There wasn't a whole lot of hiking to be done -- you'll see the warnings in a moment.  But Sunday we went at low tide and got up close and personal with 'The Rock'.

Today's photo finally shows how 'thin' and 'see-through' the falls have become.

You can only get to Princess Louisa Inlet by boat or float plane.  One day we saw a plane that must have taken off from the camp at Malibu Rapids, and take a turn around the bowl of the inlet, rising all the way, before turning away over a ridge.  On Sunday, a plane arrived and the five people on board had a picnic at the falls.

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