Friday, September 20, 2013

Interesting Things Seen in Vancouver BC

We are really enjoying WALKING!  We are doing it as much as possible, because it is supposed to start raining again this evening, and be stormy on Sunday.

Here are just a few things that have caught our interest over the past few days:

Portland is known for being bike friendly, but we think Vancouver has a few things on Portland.  The waterfront here at False Creek has walking / bike paths all the way around.  These signs make it clear which side of the median you are expected to be on.  Some places are 'shared' spaces.  Keeps you on your toes.

See, walkers on left, bikers on right!

There is a  LOT of construction going on in this city!  In just this small SE corner of False Creek, we can count TWELVE cranes!  Yesterday  morning we stopped and watched one operating, and Al shared some of his knowledge about the building practices they were using.  The crane operator noticed us and waved!

The post title is 'Interesting Things...'  Well, this caught my interest!

We wondered if James Bond was also visiting in Vancouver, especially after Al looked up some specifications for this boat and learned that the hull is made of Kevlar carbon fiber -- bulletproof???  Capable of 50 knots per hour speed.  Can accommodate 10 guests and 6 crew.  Price for a used one is $17.5 Million.  One in Greece on 'fire sale' for $9M.

The Harvest Moon rose from behind the dome at Telus World of Science.  The official full moon was the night before, but it was cloudy.
More fun at another construction site.  This digger ....

... was skillfully separating the layers of materials he dug up as he went!

The coolest library we have seen!  A modern colliseum.

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