Thursday, September 12, 2013

Narrows Inlet

Heading north on Sechelt Inlet, out of Salmon Inlet, past Storm Bay, we enter Narrows Inlet.  The Tzoonie Narrows are ahead of us, with a 4-knot tidal current.  The Tzoonie River is at the head of the inlet.

This is where we FIRST notice leaves have changed colors, seemingly overnight!  Does it get colder next to the water?  Is this inlet shadier since it is narrower?  

There's a notch in that mountain on the left!  I wonder if it has been mined for granite.  Al says it is Paul Bunyan's axe rest, or boot jack.

There are several houses in the 'neighborhood' of Ramona Creek.

A closer view of one of our favorites, shows Ramona Creek 'falling' above.

As we round the curve and reach the head of the inlet, we see this 'turtleback' mountain.  There IS evidence of logging, and we believe the horizontal lines are logging roads, and the verticals are most likely slides.

Big Leaf Maple leaves float by and I think  'O Canada!'

Unfortunately, we arrive at the end of the salmon run.  Al researched a bit and learns that 'pinks' have a two-year life cycle.  There are many carcasses floating, adding a 'particular odor' to this inlet.  Also saw what I called a 'ghost fish' -- one very faded, but still slowly waving his tail to move along the surface.

We thought we had the place to ourselves (I even took off my shirt for sunbathing! Sorry, just couldn't bring myself to go nude, though)  But the next morning, this plane flies over, over the ridge, and circles back to land at the nearby dock.  We noticed a trailer with a satellite dish attached when we came in the day before.  He dropped two guys off at the dock, then idled over next to Viking Star.  We thought he was going to go around us and then take off, but he turned off his engine and climbed out on a pontoon with his fishing pole!  He was holding up while the two guys went to inspect a bridge.  Al asked if the pole was standard equipment, and he said 'Yes!'  Part of their survival gear.  He also 'rowed his boat to shore' at one point, before finally motoring back to the dock.  And, he told us that the banks of the river are clogged with fish carcasses.

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