Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to the Boat

Well, that was a fast visit!

We had good times with family and friends, though much shorter visits than we would have liked!

We stopped for groceries and Al made multiple trips with the dock cart to bring our haul down, while I sorted and stuffed, and began a load of laundry.  On the way down the dock, we noticed Shatoosh, a boat whose blog we follow.  ( No one was home, so we finished our unloading, and by the time we were done, Hira was home.  We had a nice visit, and she told us about the FBRs (Faceless Blog Readers) coming out of the woodwork, and here we were, two more!  We look forward to perhaps running in to her again as she cruises the San Juans for the next month.

Today we will be doing MORE SHOPPING!  Al is getting anxious to 'get out of Dodge' so we can quit spending money!  Gotta fill the propane tank, and make another round of last minute items to pick up.  Tomorrow we will be back out there!

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