Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I did it! I did it!

Some of you may be surprised to hear that I have not run the dinghy before.

I have paddled a canoe. I have rowed a boat. I have steered a sailboat by tiller. But I have never run a small boat by motor.

 Several weeks ago, Al once again read my mind.  I was watching him start the motor and thinking 'I should really practice that!' when he turned to me and said 'We should have YOU do this sometime. You probably already could, just from watching me, right?'  And I had him tell me all the steps.

This morning we wanted to go to shore for donuts/breakfast and coffee.  We have learned that Tues/Wed is the slow time in Roche Harbor, and that a month has made a BIG difference in traffic density in the bay and marina. As we loaded to go I said 'Maybe today would be a good time for me to try the dinghy.'

I fumbled a bit, and made sure to narrate what I was planning to do, so that Al could correct me if needed.  He didn't.  As I set off for the docks I told him he may need to take over once we got in close, but he didn't. And as we climbed out I told Al I felt like granddaughter Madalyn crying 'I did it! I did it!'

After our outing, when we returned to the dinghy, Al asked if I would like to drive again, and I said sure!  I was a little more nervous starting out from close quarters--and there were more people around to observe--but the most difficult thing was pulling the starter cord.  With my fibromyalgia, I could feel that I had made this effort several times already this morning!

The nice thing about an inflatable is that it pretty much bounces off things that you hit without damage, especially if you are going slow.  Approaching Viking Star, I wasn't able to find the gear shift in time and we bumped a little before I got it into Neutral.

In a couple of weeks Al will be once again travelling for his work. I will be on my own for several days. And though we have called the marina for a slip, there is a small chance there won't be one available and we will have to anchor out.  Today's accomplishment with the dinghy will be my insurance that I won't be confined to the boat if we do end up having to anchor.

I am proud of myself.


  1. Good Job Kristi! Patti

  2. Kristi
    You go girl..you need to know how to run the big boat too.
    Hira on Shatoosh
    Spencer Spit, Lopez island.