Monday, September 26, 2011

What time is it?

Guess now that we are settled in for today's blow I can catch up on a few Blog Topics.

Perhaps 20 years ago (Awk, really, 20 years ago!  Man, I am getting old) I stopped wearing a watch.  It was at the beginning of one a rather nice long (3 weeks I remember) vacation.  I took it off to 'help disconnect'.  Upon returning I wanted to extend the Vacation Glow as much as I could, so I left my watch off.  In those days it was a bit of extra work to go Watch Less.  I soon found where the wall clocks were, and even was able to set pop-up alarms in my desk-top computer.  Hey, not wearing a watch was symbolic, however I still needed to function!

Over time as Cell Phones became common the cell soon replaced any need for watches, and wall clocks for the matter.  (Do offices still have wall clocks?)  And I have to say the novelty of not wearing a watch is a bit stale.  It seems most folks do not wear watches these days, except perhaps joggers.  Just check the cell!

It is always fun to see how new technology gets integrated into life.

So as Kristi and I march back into the Dark Ages and continue our unplugging effort, we suddenly found a dilemma.  There were times, even DAYS where our cell phones were of no use.  They did not work or still worse, up towards the border they would deviously ROAM onto a Canadian provider who was more than happy to route any messages or calls (at a much higher rate mind you).

So we at times found ourselves turning off our cell phones.

And subsequently at times wondering what time it was!

We have pulled out the watch I use for taking celestial sights.  Been carrying that around for a while now.

Almost seems like we are marching backwards through time :-)

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