Friday, September 30, 2011

More Matia

We enjoyed our last whole day on Matia yesterday. We took a long walk again, reversing our direction this time, so things looked new.  The large cove had three boats anchored in it, and two groups of people dinghied back from shore.  We sat for a time while I made the 'Matia' post, and Al checked emails.  Then we moved on.  Our dockmate had said there was a side path that would take you out to a point, and we hadn't noticed one before.  We found it this time, and enjoyed another hour basking in the sun.  This time I got my Facebook fix, and Al even caught a few winks.

Another view of Viking Star at the dock in Rolfe Cove

I just can't get enough of the sunlight on these big leaf maples

A BIG fir

A BIG cedar

Me getting my facebook fix. Notice my jacket is OFF and I am sitting in the shade!

I call these 'snowberries', but I don't know if that's what they actually are.  They look like yummy marshmallows, but I think they are poisonous.

Back at the boat, Al calls these the 'crocodile eyes', but it is kelp.

We have enjoyed chatting with 85-year-old dockmate Elwin, here with his boat El's Belle.  He has taken this boat to Alaska 7 times!  These are his last few days of this year's boating season.  He was going to go home today, but it was SO gorgeous he decided to stay one more.

Reporting to you while underway to Cypress Island...

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  1. How did I miss that big cedar and the portal to Orcas. What should be name the little island on Matia?
    Your photos are beautiful.