Friday, September 9, 2011

The Most AMAZING Day!!!

(experienced on Sunday Sept 4)

Blogger Kristi at work, wearing a summer robe--a kimono my sister brought me from Japan.

Oh, the things we go through to share with you!  The phone is on the upper deck because that is where it gets the best reception, and I am directly below it in the main cabin because that is where the bluetooth between phone and computer works the best.  This means I must stand at the refrigerator and face into the sun.  I don Al's hat to shade my eyes so that I may have both hands free for typing.

Patience!  Re-boot phone, re-boot computer, take a shower to keep from 'watching the pot' overly much. It took over an hour and a half to post the morning's entry, AFTER editing photos and writing!

The jellyfish are numerous in Eagle Harbor today, and I take a few long moments to observe these delicate purple creatures rolling and floating in the tide.

Upside down, it looks like a flower!

Time for a hike!  And Al is like the Energizer Bunny!  He had two cups of 'real' coffee this morning and he is raring to go.  The beach is a kind one to inflatable dinghies, made up of pea-size stones and worn chips of shells.

Viking Star is on the left way back there

We hiked the 2.2 miles to Eagle Cliff, the last mile nearly all UP.  But it was well worth it, for the spectacular view, and the quiet moments together, once I calmed down from a heart-racing screaming-with-excitement-or-is-it-fear flyover of a plane at what seemed just FEET over us! These photos just cannot do justice to the experience.

I enjoy another moment in the shade while Al moves to the 'crown' of Eagle Cliff

Wow!  Truly a breath-taking view!  I drop to my knees before I reach Al

And before I can recover my bearings, I hear an airplane.  Imagine an airplane in the center of the photo--yes,  in the center of the 'trees'.  I don't know if Al is looking in this direction, so I squeal 'Oh My God!  He's going to buzz us!' And I give a frantic wave 'Hello!' and then brace for the brush I know is coming! After he passed over us, continuing to climb, he waggles his wings.  AWESOME!  (By the way, Eagle Harbor is below the notch on the right)

The view (read 'heights') is so breath-taking that I have to face the other way, and just turn for peeks.  Al took all the photos up here.  He took a series of photos and we hope to meld them into a panorama.

A geodetic marker, 'Eagle Nest'

James Island really IS shaped like a dog bone!

The hike down was a tenth of a mile shorter by going past Duck Lake, filled with cattails and lily pads.

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  1. It was a VERY amazing day. Those views are a God gift! Patti