Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Am 50

I awake this morning having entered into a new decade.

For a couple of years Al was saying he was 'almost 50' before finally actually turning 50 in January.  Perhaps the difference is being a woman; I was adamant that I was 'still in my 40's', even through the last day!  But today, the calendar says I am 50.

I will never forget a doctor visit during my pregnancy with Micah (who reaches the milestone 21 next month) where I was told 'Welcome to Middle Age!'  I was shocked that she would say such a thing to someone who had barely entered her 30's!

But, today, I consider my ancestors.  My grandparents died at ages 68, 72, 83 and 94.  My parents are both still living, thankfully, at age 86. Even with modern science extending life expectancies, I have more than likely already PASSED my mid-life.

Is this a crisis?

My life so far has been filled with the and friends, school and work, homes and travel....that has brought me to an extraordinary point of wonder and gratitude.

So today I am not in crisis. I am counting my blessings.  Parents, children and grandchildren.  A loving husband. Friends. Health.  Nature. That 'things' matter less and less. And that my appreciation grows. Thousands and thousands of blessings, seeming without end, with every moment that passes.  Even the moment that sends me into a new year, a new decade, a new half-century.

Yes, NEW.  The body may be older, but my spirit is re-new, every decade, every day, every moment.

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