Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Closer Look at Matia

Tuesday Sept 27

After two days of bumping and bouncing in Echo Bay, the flat calm this morning was sure nice!  We took time for a big hot breakfast and long steamy showers.  Then we set out for Matia Island.  We have been trying all summer to stop at Matia, but Rolfe Cove is quite small and it was fully occupied every time we went by!

There is a small fisher boat in the spot that was our first choice, so we rig for the other side and back to the dock. The wind is supposed to veer around to the northwest, but no more than 15-20.  We should handle that easily with our bow into the wind.

Al was scheduled to have a work phone call within an hour of our arrival, so he quickly moves onto the island to verify that we can get adequate signal.  It will take a short walk away from the boat, but YES. He returns and I pack a few snack items, the computer, both phones, and our books.

Al actually has two calls, and by the time he finishes up, it has cooled off tremendously and a shower is approaching.  Should we continue on what the sign said was a 1-mile loop, or go directly back to the boat?  Al leaves it to me, and though I am cold I think the activity will keep me warm and we will count on the rain just being a shower.  We do get a bit of a rainwater rinse in our hair.

There is some really pretty scenery here and we plan to spend three days on the island, so there is plenty of time to share the big pictures.  These photos are are just a few things we looked at a little closer.

The BIGGEST starfish we have ever seen
Look what the storm washed ashore

Through the portal to Orcas


Kelp always reminds me of 'sea snakes' and I think of Grandson Troy

Al's Godmother Dorothy loved to use 'China Caps' in her seashell projects

We found a pear tree! But no partridges...

Big Leaf Maple, a first sign of Fall

A humongous fungus

When I saw these two I thought they were going the same way, and I was going to take a photo of the 'race'.  Al said 'They are on a collision course!  Do you think they know the 'Rules of the Road'?

The sign said the trail would take us through 'old growth' which Al took to mean that this island had not been logged, but this is evidence that is has.

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