Monday, September 19, 2011

Body Mind Soul

Yesterday I stepped off the boat for the first time in four days!

From Roche Harbor we went to Reid Harbor on Stuart Island.  We docked to a float which also had a pay station, so we didn't HAVE to go to shore.  When we arrived, we intended to only stay one night, but Al began working on a project (YAY!  He's nearly got the second head ready to work!)

Here are two photos taken one month apart at Reid Harbor:

Every buoy taken, rafting at the dock, anchorages all the way to the mouth of the harbor.  August 13

A handful of boats.  Sept 15

We planned to move to Sucia on Sunday afternoon.  We knew we could get a phone signal there, and Al would be set up for his work phone calls for Monday and Tuesday.  However, the weather called for a system to move in on Sunday, 15-25 knot winds whipping up the seas.  I do not like bumpy water and was not looking forward to the trip.  Al was not happy dealing with an apprehensive wife, and feeling a bit pressured by NEEDING to move.

So when we awoke early Sunday morning to find the winds calm, we debated a bit, then set off with the hope that condition would hold for the next 2-3 hours.  Al had wanted to go around Turn Point and up Boundary Pass, where whale sightings are more likely.  But with the forecast I was reluctant to travel the bigger water.  What Al finds merely uncomfortable, I can find to be rather frightening, and he knows it, so he allowed us to travel where I was more comfortable.

Sucia is beautiful and I have been feeding my mind, body and soul.

To feed my mind, I am reading a third book this summer set during World War II.  The first was Ken Follett's 'Jackdaws' where a British woman is leading resistance in France.  The second was 'The Postmistress' by Sarah Blake. Excellent book.  All should read it. I am presently reading 'Simon's Family' by Marianne Fredriksson, a Swedish writer, so this story takes place in Sweden with Simon growing up while WWII goes on.

I continue to feed my body healthy food, and I continue to lose weight.  'I have a new number!' I told Al yesterday.  I have now lost 28 pounds since May 15.  Al's weight loss has stalled.  He has not lost any in the past month, but I guess the good news is that he has not gained either!  I think the trick for him is to keep busy.  He tends to snack, alot, when he is 'bored'.

Feeding the soul.  I had a conversation with a friend earlier this week and she said that I appeared so happy, rested, peaceful and content.  I responded 'It's quite the lifestyle!'  And another friend asked via Facebook 'Did you find a church today?'  She didn't specify a building, or refer to an earlier post 'Congregations' where I noted gatherings of various kinds.  But I DID find a church, if a church is somewhere that you can be quiet with your thoughts and thank God for your blessings.

While my husband rests on a log, I walk the shore where stones have their sharp edges rubbed away by each other, water and time.  The waves and stones are speaking to each other,  'Shush......shush..........shush.'  And it is a comfort, and I can feel MY sharp edges smoothing.

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