Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Swallows

But first, another fabulous sunrise.  East from Blind Bay, Mt. Baker tucked into the notch.  It has me wondering though, about that rhyme....Red sky in morning, sailors take warning?

Another Sunday morning visit by a flock of swallows.  First we had Flying School at Fisherman's Bay, then Finishing School her on Blind Bay.  By now I believe these birds are friends of Viking Star, because they are not at all shy this morning!  We can move about the cabin and clang breakfast dishes and they do not startle away.  They leave periodically, darting and hovering over the water, having their own breakfast, and return to sip the dew on the deck.  

Orcas Village across the channel

We did take the ferry to Friday Harbor yesterday.  Attended the Farmer's Market, and had pizza for lunch at the Rumor Mill.  Stopped at the store for a few non-perishable items, and a quick visit to the bookstore.  All in time to catch the 2:15 ferry back around.  We completed the loop by riding along to Lopez before coming back to Shaw.  

This morning, we head to Roche.  We received an email from our fellow blogging boater on Shatoosh.  We seem to just be following her around the islands.  She has been at Roche for the past few days for a reunion of Albin owners. We DO hope to run across her again before she heads back to her homeport.

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